Controlling the use of our electrical energy consumption is both cost effective and our responsibility to our environment. Controls can be used for our homes, businesses, outside activities and in our manufacturing facilities.

     Some common control methods and devices are:

     Photosensor/Photocell - this type of control allows a circuit to become energized (turn on) when it becomes dark in the controlled area. The control opens (turns off) when it becomes light in the controlled area. A photocell is used to turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn automatically all year round. This type of control is very common for exterior lighting applications.

     Time Clock - Timer - this type of control provides multiple set points for turning on/off lighting circuits. A typical time clock is a 24-hour type capable of turning on/off multiple times during a 24-hour period. A common exterior lighting control method is to turn on the lights at dusk with a photocell and turn off the lights at a preset time with a time clock. Using this combination ensures the light will come on when darkness falls and saves energy by turning off the lights when no longer needed.

     Motion Sensor - this type of control is most commonly used to light up an area as soon as motion is detected in the area of concern. A motion sensor will keep the lights on as long as motion is detected in the area of concern and for a preset time after motion disappears. Motion sensors are popular controls for driveway/garage areas, backyards and areas of security concern.

     Occupancy Sensors - Used to turned on/off lights based on a space being occupied. Sensors can replace wall switches or be ceiling mounted to achieve the most effective control. Installing occupancy sensors save energy and extend the life of the lamps they control.

     Other control devices are available in the commercial and industrial applications such as "Variable Frequency Drives" (VFD) and "soft start" devices for motors.

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