Lighting is the most diverse aspect of electrical installations. New technology constantly provides new products and new applications. Lighting is also the most "visible" part of our industry.

     Lighting systems consist of light fixtures, the lamps within the fixture and the controls, which operate the fixtures. A visible connection to the electrical world is provided by the artificial light we have come to take for granted.

     While incandescent and fluorescent lamps still play a role in our interior and specialty lighting, and HID (High Intensity Discharge - ex. Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium) lamps are still utilized in exterior lighting applications, LED lighting has emerged as the preferred source of lighting for all applications. It is the most efficient and long lasting of all our current lamp types. It is also the most versitile for applications both indoor and outdoor. Current LED technology offers a rainbow of color options, as well as accurate dimming control.

     In addition to the common light sources mentioned there are many specialized lamps that are very useful in our world. These types are used in surgical procedures, airport runway lighting, lighthouses, radio antennas, automobiles, computers and many other applications.

     Gaber Electric provides services related to our lighting world from new installations, to retrofitting/upgrading to a new lighting source or system, to routine maintenance of all lighting types.

     NEW INSTALLATIONS -allow us to design lighting systems with the appropriate amount of light for the task we want to accomplish. New installations also allow us to choose the most modern/cost effective lamps, light fixtures and controls. Today's lighting design uses a mix of light sources and multiple methods of controlling our light levels and operation times. Motion sensors, photocells and time clocks are a few of the most common controls available today.

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